Consultant and Expert Witness specializing in Forensic Toxicology
Lyle W. Hayes PhD, DABCC

Consulting Services in Forensic Toxicology

Specializing in Drugs of Abuse Testing


        New York State Certified Forensic Toxicologist with extensive experience in Drugs of Abuse Testing as both a Certified Lab Director with supervisory roles and Certifying Scientist. Served as Expert Witness providing Testimony on Drug Testing Methodology and Interpretation. Developed, improved, validated, and implemented Methods for Screening and Confirmation for Drugs of Abuse, in both urine and hair and including ethylglucuronide in urine. Supervisory and hands-on experience in all forensic toxicology analytical techniques, including breath alcohol measurement for DUI detection.

        Expert witness and forensic toxicology services in drug test interpretation, including hair testing, urine drug testing, marijuana testing, alcohol testing, etg alcohol testing, saliva drug test and toxicology consultations.