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  • The Delta-8 THC Problem
    Delta-8 THC is a naturally occurring minor cannabinoid found in low concentrations in most cannabis plants. It can be produced synthetically from CBD and is not regulated in New Jersey and many other states. It is a recently popular and available recreational drug and is reported to have pharmacological properties… Read more: The Delta-8 THC Problem
  • Opiate Positive Test from Poppy Seeds
    Poppyseed ingestion has been clearly and repeatedly shown to be able to cause positive opiate results in urine tests, even at the Federally (US) mandated elevated level of 2000 ng morphine/ml.1 The first study, done by myself and others in 1987, demonstrated by GC/MS that morphine was present in both… Read more: Opiate Positive Test from Poppy Seeds
  • Cocaine in Hair Testing – Limitations
    Hair testing is subject to several limitations and reported pitfalls in detecting drug abuse due to a number of factors1 including variability in hair growth rates2 incorporation from external contamination,3 variations in individual incorporation, and hair binding.4 In response to these considerations, including the inability to distinguish environmental contamination, lack… Read more: Cocaine in Hair Testing – Limitations


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